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hostgator discount codes

HostGator coupons and how they work

HostGator is a company that offers web hosting services, including web hosting itself, unlimited disk storage, unlimited monthly bandwidth and domain hosting for add-on domains. It is also famed for its high quality
customer support which uses various media including telephone support, live chat through their website, and the raising of tickets. The customer support staff is also made up of experts who attend to, and help resolve, customers problems in record times. host gator coupon codes discounts

The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, has a staff of over 750 employees and serves clients from over 200 countries around the world. Beyond their quality service offering, one of the reasons why they have such a high customer base is their coupon program, known as HostGator coupons. These are coupons that enable one to get huge discounts when purchasing a specific service.

For example, a specific HostGator coupon can offer one 20% off on any web hosting plan, be it Unlimited web hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting or Dedicated hosting. These coupons can rise in discount value to 25%, 50% and at times even as high as 80%, either for one or even all of the web hosting packages. Another type of coupon enables one to get the first month of a specific web hosting package virtually for free (or for the
nominal fee of $0.01). Many of these coupons are valid for limited periods of time, sometimes as short as one day or even several hours in a day. However, when the coupons are available and valid, they are usually in high demand.

The coupons are available over the internet and are activated by copying the coupon code and pasting it in ones order when one makes a purchase of a service at the HostGator website. When the order is processed, the discount is automatically applied, allowing the customer to make great savings.Through the HostGator coupon, the company has enabled many people launch their websites or blogs since the coupons help make it much more affordable for them. Furthermore, beyond offering their core web hosting-related services and the coupons, the company also has some ancillary services and products that it offers, that website developers and managers can find useful.

These include a free Google AdWords coupon, the Fantastico software that is used to quickly install WordPress blogs, a cPanel Control Panel, and access to easy to use
site builders. Beyond that, they also offer free site and domain transfer if you purchase one of their web hosting packages, as well as free website templates.

HostGator has indeed positioned itself as a strong player in the web hosting industry, and definitely leads in this sector especially in the area of customer support. Their coupon program has also helped them get quite a large following quite fast since the companys establishment a mere nine years ago in 2002. And it looks as if the sky is the limit for the company.As they continue to strengthen their service offering, they can be sure that their coupons will keep the customers coming back for more.